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I Know The Struggle

Women won’t give you the time of day, and if they do, they go cold or even ghost you, and you just don’t know what to do.

Or are you struggling with having little understanding about what makes women tick, and always getting "friend zoned"?

Are you tired of women playing games, while using you for your attention and time?

Are you falling victim to “professional daters” who pretend to like you just enough so they can get a dinner date or see what the city has to offer at your expense?

What about being a part of her circus while she juggles a rotation of men? I know you don’t want to spend the rest of your life as another clown in her circus.

If you're tired of struggling with being lonely or frustrated with always getting flaked on, cheated on, or run over in your dating life, then it's time for a change.

There's a solution to all this frustration, and it's easier than you think.

Just Imagine....

If you could make any woman yours by adding these skills to your arsenal.

If you didn’t have to lead with your wallet in order for a woman to take interest in you.

If you could improve your close rate while drastically reducing your flake rate.


If you weren't afraid of trying because of debilitating social anxiety.


If you could finally be treated like the king you deserve, because you work hard in life for it.

What it would feel like to have peace of mind knowing that you could have your way with women and you're finally able to enjoy dating and relationships and be happy,


Limited Beliefs

Lack Of Knowledge


If This Sounds Like You, I have Good News

There are some things you can do to get more success with women. It's possible to get validation from women.

You can be more confident, more happy, and have better relationships.

And you can learn how to deal with women.


Wondering how that can be accomplished? Let me introduce you to...


A suite of online courses that teaches you how to make women chase you trying to give you all of the feminine love and "seccs" that they have to offer

A course filled with techniques aimed at men like you, who have failed time and again, but now you can engage with women from a place of self-confidence and comfort to get the
girl you want.

Learn the secrets that are hidden from most men. We’ll show you how to attract women, deepen
your attraction when you’re with them, and transform yourself into the ultimate ladies man.

I am going to give you the game to strategically meet women(in real life and online),build sexual attraction with women, make an unforgettable first impression with women, overcome shyness
around women, understand what women are thinking, how they think, and learn why they act they way would act.

So if you've had a difficult time closing the deal in the past because fear of rejection or even approaching women felt uncomfortable to you... prepare to look at picking up women in a whole new way.

Here's what's included in The Ladies Man Bundle

  • How to maximize your attractiveness so that women find you irresistible

  • How to thoroughly screen women for: High Interest Indicators, Women In A Hoe Phase, Vulnerable Women, Attention Whores, Time-Wasters

  • ​How To Communicate In The Modern Age Properly via Texting

  • How to Minimize Flakes and Maximize Your Close Rate

  • ​Optimal Date Behavior To Maximize Your Chance of Getting Sex

  • Optimal Date Locations

  • ​The Best Date Topics to Build a Connection

  • Common Tests Women Give on Dates and How to Pass Them

  • The Signals She Gives When She Is Ready For You To Escalate

  • How to Escalate Sexually and much more


You will also get exclusive access to my vault:

  • Attraction 101

  • Modern Dating Mastery

  • Sexual Seduction and Bedroom Mastery

  • How To Last Longer and F*ck Better

  • How To Have A Dominant Masculine Presence

  • 5 Live Game Session Webinars

  • 6 Month Access in The Player's Club

  • Weekly Coaching With King Dre

I know that The Ultimate Ladies Man is going to change everything for you. These are just some of the ways I've already helped other men just like you...

It's Your Turn Now

Are You a Man of Action?

You have a calling…to WIN. Do you know what separates the successful men from the rest? Successful men go out and get it. They don’t sit around wishing for it . They take action.

It’s time to take action . No excuses . No whining . You either want it or you don’t.

It’s pretty simple…to be successful with women you must TAKE ACTION so you can learn and implement the game.

If you stay still, nothing will happen And you will stay stagnant. Or worse, you’re left home alone masturbating to porn or paying some onlyfans model who doesn't care about you.

The world is full of opportunities with women , and the only thing stopping you is you. Take a chance. Take a gamble . Take a risk .

You’re Probably Wondering How Much This Costs

Here’s a question:

How much time and money have you already spent on bad dates, flakes, a serious break up or god forbid… a divorce?

For most men, who’ve been taking this seriously it’s AT LEAST hundreds of dollars. More likely to be in the thousands if you’ve taken women on dates.

The sad part is that, until they have the modern answers for modern women, they will continue to spend and waste time, getting the same results over… and over… and over until they throw their hands up and say:

“I’m never going to get it.”


Most guys who don’t spend the money to learn this stuff, will NEVER get it.

How could they?

Especially when all the help out there is coming from coaches who rather grow their subscribers than deliver real solutions for real problems.

We’re beginning to see that these skills to melt a woman’s feminist exterior…and get the soft feminine woman within…

Is both rare and in demand.

Ask yourself…

What would it be worth to be considered the guy who “gets it”?

The guy who women don’t want to tell their friends about because she wants to keep him for herself…

The one she is afraid her friends will steal…

The man guys want to be and girls want to f***.

I think if we’re being reasonable…

If you factor in all the money you’ve already spent, and all the money you WOULD spend through dating, long term relationships, marriage or god forbid, divorce…

It is easily worth $10,000 over your lifetime.

Especially when you consider how fast my students are getting results.

Plus, I selfishly want you to get results fast so I can ask you for a testimonial like this…

That’s why I am not going to charge thousands of dollars.

You get:

  • Attraction 101 - $697

  • Modern Dating Mastery - $697

  • Sexual Seduction and Bedroom Mastery -$697

  • How To Last Longer and F**K Better - $697

  • 5 Live Game Session Webinars With Experts - $997

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TOTAL VALUE = $7,185

For a measly price of: $697

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Are You A Man of Action?